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It's been a long time since we've talked to Justin Reddick, an artist formerly of Pueblo. Reddick was a popular face on the scene, showing both on his own and with groups, including 38 Degrees, a collective he helped form. Then, two years ago, Reddick and his family packed up and headed to Cañon City, where he left his longtime job at Safeway and now works for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Florence.

Reddick took a break from art-making as well, but now he's back at it. He'll step into the light again with a solo show in the San Juan Gallery at Pueblo Community College from Oct. 1-17, called Raindrops and Possibility: The Diary of Justin S. Reddick

Below are a few of Reddick's new works. Like the pieces that came before them, they're disjointed and emotional, often depicting figures locked in a mass of stream-of-consciousness snippets of text, scribbled, scratchy lines, drips and masses of layered color. Reddick draws from his personal life much in his art: his work at Safeway, or with the BOP — one of his new pieces, "The Jailor," digests some of his time spent working with inmates — or becoming a father and providing for his family. Indeed, Reddick told the Indy back in 2006 that he calls his artworks "visual diaries."

Raindrops and Possibility opens with a reception Thurs., Oct. 3, 5 p.m.


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